Editorial board

Emily Rohof is contributing editor for Raffia. She received a Bachelor’s degree in History at the Radboud University and accomplished minors in Political Science and Public Administration. Currently, she does a Master Middle East Studies at Leiden University.
Evelien van Soldt is contributing editor for Raffia and co-manages the Instagram account. Having received a bachelor’s degree in Art History, specialising in modern and contemporary art, she then switched to a Cultural Studies master’s programme on the Creative Industries.
Glyn Muitjens is contributing editor for Raffia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in classics and is currently in the final stages of his research Master in Literary Studies at Radboud University. He specialises in ancient medicine.
Laura Martens is editor for Raffia and manages its twitter account. She studies English Language and Culture at Radboud University and has just returned from a semester abroad at the University of Manchester.
Leah Ritterfeld is contributing editor of Raffia and is co-responsible for Instagram posts about Raffia. Currently, she studies psychology and works as a student assistant at the Radboud University.
Margot Maas is contributing editor and secretary  for Raffia. She has a Master’s degree in History from Radboud University.
Ranah Baptist is contributing editor for Raffia and keeps its LinkedIn page up to date. She has a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Radboud University and studied in the United States and did her research internship in Brazil. Currently she works as assessment psychologist.
Susanne Lehmann is editor-in-chief, contributing editor, and administrator of the website. She is a Master student of Gender Studies at Utrecht University and has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology from Radboud University.
Wouter Egelmeers is contributing editor for Raffia and takes care of the magazine’s Facebook page. He has a reseach Master’s degree in History from Radboud University and specialises in gender history and the history of science.


Image editor

Nicole Sterk