Editorial board

Femke Boom is an editor at Raffia, and manages its Twitter account. She is currently studying English Language and Culture at Radboud University. She is interested in LGBTQ+ representation in literature and video games.

Lynn Bröcheler is an editor within the articles category of Raffia and manages Social Media activities. She graduated as a behavioural psychologist at Radboud Universiteit and is currently doing the master Gender Studies at the University of Utrecht. Topics of her interest are (unconscious) social and psychological processes related to feminine and masculine stereotypes, sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination.

Marije Derksen is an editor at Raffia and is co-responsible for the Instagram account. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Classics and is currently finishing up a Research Master in Literary Studies at Radboud University. She is mostly interested in gender and sexuality in Greek and Latin poetry.

Jorg Kennis is an editor at Raffia. As a freelance writer he has published about gender, alternative relationships, progressive ethics, feminism and sexual diversity. He is the founder of the young humanists group in Nijmegen (JongeHumanistenNijmegen.nl), responsible for organizing local and national events about humanism and related social and ethical topics.

Susanne Lehmann is ceditor-in-chief for Raffia. She has a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies from Radboud University, with a minor in gender and sexuality. She did an internship at and worked as Education / Research Assistant for Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies.

Ike Lieshout is an editor at Raffia and currently finishing up her master degree in International Relations at Radboud University. She has a bachelor degree in Political Science from Radboud University and a research master degree in Gender & Ethnicity from Utrecht University. She is primarily concerned with intersectional feminism and (international) politics and focuses on the articles section.

Hanna Rab is an editor at Raffia. She recently finished her Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University in London. Her interest lies in analysing concepts relating to digital culture, immaterial labour, embodiment and governance. Her latest research centred around aesthetics and new biopolitical strategies of power in relation to digital communication systems.

Bernardo Soares is a contributing editor for Raffia and co-manages the Articles category. Master student of the MSc in Sociology, Gender, Sexuality and Society (track), at UvA, with a MSc in Veterinary Medicine. Current researching on sexual agency and ethics of interaction. Other research interests are mostly focused on the areas of human-animal studies, animal studies and the European history of desire and sexual cultures.

Layla van Vugt is an editor for Raffia. She has just finished her bachelor’s degree in international law and is currently doing a minor in Gender and Conflict Studies. She is interested in intersectionality and gender in politics and current affairs.