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The History of Feminism(s) Around the Globe by Saskia Bultman

The women behind WOTT

Founders Anouk Wolkotte (L) and Charlotte Hermanns (R) missed the visibility of women as role models and as academic leads and started the project of WOTT. Together with guest writers and a team of editors they shine a light on these hidden figures.

About WOTT

Women on the Timeline is a project that aims to redirect the spotlight and let women shine bright. This project was initiated by two Arts and Culture students, Anouk Wolkotte and Charlotte Hermanns, at the Radboud University. While learning more about cultural history and society as it is, we recognized that even though there are many women who contributed to our society and by this helped shape it to an extent you could not imagine, most of them are still missing in history books and the collective memory. How could we change that? 

The way we chose to tackle this issue, was to create a platform that honours women from all kinds of disciplines for their contributions. A platform that acts as a pendant to the dominantly male success stories we encounter on a daily basis. To do this we publish informative articles written by our amazing team of permanent writers, but we also invite guests to contribute to our page. The articles are published three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But we aim to do more than just create a timeline of amazing women. With a monthly column we try to address issues regarding women in society, but also explore the history of feminism a bit more. 

This is a divers platform in every sense of the word: multiple disciplines, all parts of the world, and every type of activity that helped to shape the world we live in today. We actively strive to be an inclusive platform, which means that we first of all focus on the achievements of the person we put on our list. As our project uses gender as starting point, we want to include every person that is affected by misogyny. For us this also includes transgender woman and non-binary people. This project is a feminist initiative that commits to intersectionality. This means that we are aware of factors such as race/ethnicity, gender terminology but also are attentive towards disability and chronical illnesses. At the same time we are aware of our own privilege in this society. 

The main aim is to honour contributions of women and non-binary folks to our society. Our hope is to inspire young women and girls with the role models presented on our platform. We want to make women feel represented and seen in a great scope of disciplines. 

Find us also on our social media platforms where you can always reach out if you have any question or suggestions.  

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