Raffia Magazine Team

Ricardo Reitsma (he/they)
Writer / Editor
Currently in the final year of the bachelor English Language and Culture studies. Interested in the topics of sexuality, feminism, literature, games, and pop culture

Eléna Fromet (she/her)
Social media manager
Artificial Intelligence
Topics of interest: Feminism, Climate change, Philosophy, Languages & cultures

Kyra-Lianne Samuels (she/her)
Writer / Editor
English Language and Culture
Topics of interest: sexuality, racial diversity, feminism

Catarina Vila Nova (she/her)
Writer / Editor
Bachelor in Journalism & Communication and MSc in Political Science (International Relations)
Topics of interest: intersectional feminism and postcolonial and decolonial debates

Faifoo Spitz (she/her)
Social media manager
MA Sociology
Topics of interest: Intersectionality, minorities, inequality, cultures and art history

Noor Lorist (she/her)
Illustrator / Writer / Editor
MA Creative Industries
Topics of interest: Art & Design, Feminism, Veganism, Environmentalism
@noorlorist / noorlorist.com

Elna Schmidt (she/her)
Writer / Editor
Studying Psychology with a special focus on Gender and Postcolonial Studies. Topics of Interest: Intersectional Feminism, fatphobia, gender-based division of labour.

Reya Suwarsono (she/they)
Writer / Editor
Studying International Business Communication. Interested in diversity, cultures, films, and games

If you have any questions about our magazine, if you want to contribute an article, or if you are considering joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us via raffia.magazine.ru@gmail.com.