A Look Back at Loving Day

By Kyra-Lianne Samuels Laws in opposition to interracial marriages and relationships are known as ‘anti-miscegenation’ or ‘miscegenation’ laws. The intention behind these laws was to further support white supremacy. By punishing interracial couples with fines, arrest, imprisonment, or the refusal to legally acknowledge their marriages, segregation was being enforced (“The Loving Day Story,” n.d.).

Profile Pieces | interview with prof. dr. Marieke van den Brink

Watch this interview for Raffia magazine’s Profile Pieces to find out more about Marieke van den Brink’s inspirations, aspirations, and experiences!

How did prof dr. Van den Brink become interested in Gender & Diversity Studies? Which issues should be tackled to create more gender and diversity in organizations? What pioneers in her work field does she admire? What does she like to do in her free time?