About Raffia

On gender, diversity, and feminism

Raffia is an online magazine on gender, diversity, and feminism in academia, art, organizations, and lived experiences. It publishes informative and opinion pieces in Dutch as well as in English. The articles and columns are written by students, PhD candidates, scholars, professionals on behalf of organizations, artists, experience experts, and any others interested in the field. Raffia is affiliated with Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies of the Radboud University. We are based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Before Raffia became an online magazine, it was a paper magazine for 28 years. In March 1989 – what was then called – the Centrum voor Vrouwenstudies (CvV, ‘Centre for Women’s Studies’) of Radboud University published the first issue of Raffia. Raffia featured articles by both students and settled scholars, concerning the themes of gender, feminism and emancipation. Crucially, the journal also emphasised the importance of gender beyond the university, for example in arts and emancipatory organisations, as well as through opinion pieces such as columns and reviews. The magazine contained articles both in Dutch and English.

When the CvV changed its name to the Institute for Gender Studies in 2005, Raffia remained an important part of its scholarly infrastructure. The magazine published its final paper issue in March 2016, in its 28th year of existence. When in July 2016 the Institute for Gender Studies was disbanded and made way for Radboud Gender and Diversity Studies, Raffia’s editorial board decided it was time for a new format. In order to reach a broader range of people, Raffia made a new start as an online magazine in March 2017.


The editorial board is committed to upholding the same quality and critical attitude to gender issues, both inside and outside academia, for which the journal has been known for years. In such a vast and dynamic area as gender and diversity studies, it is our goal to provide information on current developments in the field and a forum for critical discussion of issues that concern us all. Therefore, we aim to provide a platform where people can inform and educate each other and engage in discussions. We also want to raise awareness, support diversity, and promote activism. Raffia aims to be informative, perceptive, accessible, intelligible, and inclusive. We are always open to feedback, so if you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know.