Poem: Equity is Key

by Nanette Ashby and the voices of the people from the Feminist March in Amsterdam 2023


Equity is key


Hoe laat is het?


The clock strikes one

Battlecries erupt from De dam


Hey Hey ho ho The Patriarchy has to go

We March

for you

for them

for me

Feminist March 2023


Show me what a feminist looks like!

Our signs are our weapons

Our voices our power


We angry

We fight back

We’re not ovary acting


When human rights are under attack

what do we do?

Stand Up

Fight Back


This is what a feminist looks like!

We’ll be less activist if you be less shit!

Equal rights are human rights


This one is for my daughter

Viva la Vulva

This is my pussy

I can do what I want with it

My body my choice


Wherever we are

Wherever we go

Yes means yes

And no means no


I wonder why we take

From our women

Why we rape

Our women

Do we hate our women?


Their body their choice

Mijn trans lichaam mijn keuze

My body is not a political playground

Hey Hey ho ho Transphobia has to go

Equality has no gender


Feminist like my mom

Anything you can do

I can do bleeding

Abortion is healthcare

Your body your choice


I am a slut

A slut for equal rights

I was not made to be subtle

I will not be silent

Our body our choice


Hey hey ho ho Slut Shaming has to go

Stem op een vrouw


What do we want?


When do we want it?



It’s not all men

But it’s all women

White cis men do your part

Hey Hey ho ho Sexism has to go

Real men are feminists

I do not exist to satisfy the male gaze

Power to the Pussy


Show me what a feminist looks like!

This is what a feminist looks like!


Men of quality do not fear Equality

Down with the patriarchy

We need radical empathy


Feminism should be decolonial

If it isn’t intersectional

I don’t want it

Hey Hey ho ho Racism has to go


Support the undocumented

We are stronger together

Say it loud, say it clear

Refugees are welcome here


What do we want?


When do we want it?



Angry women write history

We stand with Iranian Women

So bad even introverts are here

Support your Sisters

Woman Life Freedom

Hey hey ho ho Gender violence has to go


Text me when you get home


This poem consist exclusively of slogans from posters featured in and chants throughout the Feminist March in Amsterdam on the 5th of March 2023.


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