JUCK – dance and performance

JUCK is a dance and performance group based in Sweden that works with exploring and widening the notions of femininity and gender. In their first short film, JUCK, they are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms and perform their iconic thrust while aggressively staring into the camera. A video that then went viral on YouTube. Since then the six members have worked together performing in public spaces, theaters and clubs.

This year, ​JUCK (thrust)​, ​a hybrid between documentary, fiction and dance-film​, had its premiere and is now touring festivals around the world. It has received prizes at ​Berlinale Film Festival​, ​Feminist Film Week Berlin and a special mention at ​Go Short! – International Film Festival Nijmegen​, among others.

“With something as simple as hip movement, Juck demands their space and the audience’s attention; the movement develops in different forms and intensity and becomes a manifestation of female sexuality and liberation from the male gaze.” The jury of Bibu 2016 Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Youth in Sweden

JUCKis about expanding perspectives on femininity and gender. About empowerment and claiming space. We work from an intersectional feminist perspective to create performances that are challenging traditional conventions in the theater space. We believe that this meeting of the performer and the audience is what gives JUCK its thrust.


When we perform we find it important to meet people who have never seen anything like this  before. We find it equally important to meet the people who are coming for the fourth time to see us because they feel empowered by what we do. When people take part in our performances we would like them to review and reflect on their positions of power. What does this mean to me?

JUCK ​is a movement, ​JUCK​ is activism, ​JUCK ​is what the fuck, ​JUCK ​is power, ​JUCK ​is sexuality​, ​JUCK is dance,​​JUCK ​is not oops I did it again, ​JUCK is I don’t understand, JUCK ​makes me want to go out clubbing with my friends, ​JUCK ​is.

To some it gives empowerment and joy, to some anger and a feeling of provocation and to some a combination of all of these feelings. We hope that we can support people who want to expand and/or question their views of norms and social structures. We’re striving to create a space where the audience can find relief from those very social structures that surround them.

JUCK was initiated in 2011 and since then the group has taken part in different stages, claiming public spaces and social contexts together. JUCK consists of: Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Cajsa Godée, Feyona Naluzzi Thylander, Tarika Wahlberg, Madeleine Ngoma and Emelie Enlund.

Contact information:

We would like to thank our English speaking lovers and friends that helped with the text

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